Buyer Registration

Infinityv is introducing exclusive registration of foreign buyers based in US, Europe and Asian sub-continent,

Customers who are willing to purchase from India or those already purchasing, foreign buyers registered with Infinityv enjoys the privilege of our exclusive services which are tailored to facilitate sourcing of Indian handicrafts

Why Buyer Registration

Indian handicraft industry is vast and much diversified where number of exporters in small towns are huge resulting in unexplored and untapped potential especially for those sitting thousands of miles away and Infinityv plays a vital role in shortening this gap by not only helping vendors/exporters for their best & true representation in front of the customers, but also helps foreign buyers in making their buying experience memorable and error free.

Who can register?

Foreign customers can register who are new to Indian handicrafts industry or already knew it and buying Indian handicrafts in small to large quantities

Benefits to foreign customers

Apart from pleasurable buying experience from India, foreign customers registered with Infinityv enjoys exclusive privileges especially tailored to facilitate buying & sourcing, these are

Free Sample development with absolutely no cost involved
Complimentary sample dispatches via courier
Best preparation of customer itinerary for Indian visits
First 2 complimentary inspections and quality control
Guaranteed cost effective quotes from up to 3 suppliers
Free sourcing consultancy for first month
Free access to our large registered supplier base with their exclusive products
Minimum buying commission from customers already buying from India
Tailor made sourcing structure for new and existing customers

All the above perks have been designed for the best buying experience and to help our reputed foreign buyers in understanding the Indian handicrafts industry spread across the length and breadth of the sub-continent

We understand the Indian handicrafts industry, its foreign representation and at the same time we also understands the necessities of foreign customers when it comes to buying from a different nation, timely deliveries, cost effective pricing, shipment consolidations, payment terms and securities are few of the basic worries and questions,

Infinityv would like to assure the best of buying from India no matter if your buying capacities are low or high, no matter if you own a single store or a chain, no matter if you are a wholesaler, retailer or a catalogue company,

We highly respect our foreign counterparts willing and wish to work with Indian exporters and would like to cheer all those foreign buyers already working and encourage them for a healthy buying experience and business relationship

If you are ready to fly with a jet pack experience, next step is to the fill the form and fasten your seatbelt for takeoff…..Happy buying 🙂